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Most Recent Awardees: September 2015

Anna Salaza

For over twenty years, Anna has been a devoted first and last public interface that patients and families see at the Center. Families often remember their wonderful experience with her, years after they were seen at the Alzheimer & Memory Center with their loved ones. She is an excellent team player especially in a role that has become exceptionally demanding, given the patient load has increased by at least 80% in the last few years. One of Anna's main strengths is developing streamlined strategies in her work area. She has worked diligently to streamline the referral process so patients are seen more quickly. She is always trying to make the work environment better for all including the Clinic physicians, setting up charts, exam rooms, patient paperwork, and many other tasks which ultimately improves quality of patient care.

Sarah Garrigues

Sarah is an amazing team player with outstanding interpersonal skills with all her colleagues chanting how great she is to work with. She works well with a wide range of people across UCSF, including faculty, fellows, students and staff, as well as community partners through her leadership roles in the UCSF Pepper Center for Aging Research and Tideswell. She is the go-to person playing major liaison roles, expanding aging research across UCSF and has contributed on many high-impact publications and leadership projects. Sarah is compassionate, an excellent problem solver, being bright, funny, organized, efficient and generally a hard-worker who sees the big picture and helps us all strive to accomplish our mission of improving the health of older persons in the Bay Area and beyond.

Rachelle Lau

Rachelle has incredible dedication and is constantly filling in holes to make things runs smoothly without her colleagues even realizing there ever was an issue. She regularly adjusts her schedule to meet the needs of the faculty, staff, and patients. Showing incredible people skill, she is devoted to the division and to her team mates, putting small touches on things such as organizing breakfasts, team outings, remembering people's birthdays making her colleague’s day to day lives more personal. Rachelle brings together her colleagues for positive causes like the GYN oncology division walk/run for GYN cancer awareness. In almost every area in the Division of GynOnc, helping with the tumor board, community/ academic events, and more you will find Rachelle setting an example for all staff to do their best making for a better staff, patient and community experience.

Eleanor Fiege

Eleanor epitomizes professionalism. She is always happy to help out even when the request falls outside of her scope of work. A tremendous resource on subjects such as the hiring process and if she doesn't know the answer to a question, she will find out who does. Eleanor is always on top of things going above and beyond every day. From all her colleagues they say she exemplifies the type of employee they all want to be, and when hiring a new staff member they have her qualities in mind. When a new hire is brought on Eleanor is given the task because her ability to do her job and be a pleasant person to work with, it something we want all of our employees to aspire to. She truly encompasses a great person.