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Holly Smith Award Recipients

2017 Award Winners

Ron Arenson, MD

Ron, professor and chair of the Department of Radiology, has left a lasting imprint over a 25-year career at UCSF. He has served UCSF through leadership roles across the school, campus and Medical Center, with fingerprints on almost every major UCSF initiative in the last two decades. Ron pioneered the adoption of a picture archiving and communication system (PACS) and informatics at UCSF, and has maintained Radiology as the premier academic Radiology department in the world. As a leader, he has exceptional resiliency to overcome challenges and demonstrates notable fairness and dedication to his department's people, with his department's staff engagement and faculty satisfaction scores among the highest in the school. Ron takes pride in everyone's collective effort to make Radiology a great place to work, and the faculty know that when he talks about an open door, he means it..

Shonul Jain, MD

Shonul, vice chief of Pediatrics at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and associate professor of pediatrics, has exemplified excellence since she came to UCSF as a pediatric resident. Within just six years of her UCSF career, she has risen to a leadership position and taken on diverse roles. With a broad portfolio of activities, Shonul still manages to exceed expectations. She has a rare ability to find a graceful, effective way to balance the work that needs to be accomplished with the needs of the people who do the work. Her creativity and optimism extend to all areas of her work and she is deeply committed to the highest standards of excellence. In addition, she is a remarkable leader who creates a strong leadership team by identifying talented individuals and actively mentoring them to ensure success. She is highly regarded by her colleagues and is generous with her time and attentive in her collaboration with others.

Bruce Miller, MD

Bruce, A.W. and Mary Margaret Clausen Distinguished Professor in Neurology and director of the Memory and Aging Center (MAC), is one of the most influential leaders in behavioral neurology, in addition to being a superb physician who is enormously dedicated to patients and their caregivers and families. As one of the founders of MAC, Bruce transformed the clinic and research center into an international leader, fostering a faculty of more than 30 of the brightest minds in the field. He is dedicated to creating unprecedented awareness around neurodegenerative disease, differential diagnosis and brain health by teaching and mentoring others and sharing information with global audiences. Bruce's compassion is limitless. He finds a way to see anyone who wants to be evaluated--regardless of geography, ability to pay or disease severity--and he finds hope in every situation, no matter how difficult the disease or how heartbreaking the symptoms.

Maria Novelero

Maria, division administrator of the Division of Hospital Medicine and associate chair for Administration in the Department of Medicine, brings superlative skills, initiative, dedication, humor and grace to exceed the responsibilities of her dual roles. She is praised as being an exceptional administrator who conceives of and flawlessly executes programs and innovations. In addition, Maria is cited as the one most responsible for the division's wonderful culture of excellence, collegiality and joy. Maria expertly manages administrative and financial matters and is engaged in all aspects of the Division, taking on strategic planning, spearheading creative initiatives, acting as a mentor and guide for staff and many faculty, and developing and maintaining a popular and successful program for staff engagement. She has an amazing ability to create positive energy, bring people together and make great things happen.

Jessica Wolf

Jessica, health coach in the Department of Family and Community Medicine, goes above and beyond to improve the way that health coaching is delivered to patients, to ensure that they secure the resources and information that they need to thrive. Her efforts have resulted in an unusually high rate of smoking cessation (about 50%) and greater adherence to medication and medical visits. She is a poised and thoughtful ambassador for UCSF who looks for opportunities to continually improve collaborative relationships. With her team's research base, FCM now has a national reputation as a center for expertise in health coaching and team-based care. Jessica's unwavering positive attitude and her thoughtful, innovative, hard-working and humble personality energize and support her colleagues and bring out the best in others.

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