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Holly Smith Award Recipients

2018 Award Winners

Beth Harleman, MD

Beth, Professor of Medicine, Associate Chair for Faculty Experience for the Department of Medicine, and Associate Program Director for the UCSF Internal Medicine Residency Program at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, has exemplified excellence in taking on diverse roles, delivering the highest quality of healthcare to patients, education to students and trainees, and service to communities. Beth has made notable contributions to such programs as CODA and UCSF PRIME-US, which have made a lasting impact on the UCSF medical community. With the broad portfolio of responsibilities, Beth is highly regarded by her colleagues while being generous with her time and attentive in her collaboration with others. Moreover, Beth has made lasting impacts as both an educator and mentor with a genuine interest in the success of her students. Her approach to challenges is demonstrated with genuine joy for her work, poise, and a humor that inspires others to be the best version of themselves.

Rebecca Hoh, RD

Becky, Research Project Manager for the HIV/AIDS Division at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and SCOPE Program Director, has left a lasting imprint in HIV research at UCSF. Becky contributed in the creation of SCOPE, originally developed to support clinical research at ZSFG; however, in 15 years, she has greatly influenced the program's advancement to extend globally. Whether it be her interactions with enrolled participants or her efforts in supporting and fostering growth of all involved in SCOPE, Becky's ability to connect and develop insightful personal connections is limitless. As a leader, she has exceptional drive and is constantly reaching to do more. Becky brings a level of grace and humor that inspires everyone to do their best amidst a complex, competitive research agenda.

Ellen Laves, MD

Ellen, Assistant Clinical Professor, Pediatric Residency Site Director, and Associate Medical Director of Urgent and Subspecialty Care at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital's Children's Health Center, and Director of the Pediatric Residency Procedure Curriculum, has continuously demonstrated her commitment of going the extra mile and is a valued member of the educational scholarship community at UCSF. Ellen's efforts with incorporating a simulation-based approach to procedural education into the pediatric residency curriculum has made a notable impact on pediatric trainees. Her resilience and ability to constantly push the bar as an educator while simultaneously providing insight and creative perspectives to numerous collaborative research projects is immeasurable. Ellen is esteemed as a professional with a tireless devotion to the innovation and enhancement of medical education while exuding remarkable humility and relentless enthusiasm.

Alissa Perrucci, PhD, MPH

Alissa, Counseling and Administrative Manager at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital's Women's Center, is a thought leader in her contributions to family planning and abortion counseling. In addition to being an inspiring mentor, she creates a culture modeling high quality, humanistic care provided to all patients. Alissa's publication is an internationally recognized model in women's reproductive counseling care and is a reflection of her thoughtful interactions which are evident in her exchanges with patients, counselors, and medical staff. Furthermore, Alissa's unwavering drive and inspiration as a mentor motivates her colleagues to bring out the best in others. Alissa goes above and beyond to improve patient care, guiding with generosity, humility, and wit, making the center beloved by patients, staff, students, and clinicians alike.

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