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Holly Smith Award Recipients

2016 Award Winners

Shary Eiser, RN

Shary, a pulmonary nurse coordinator at SFGH, serves as a role model for how to treat each patient and family with respect. Known for going above and beyond the expectations of her position for nearly 30 years, Shary works tirelessly with humor and grace, taking on diverse roles: patient advocate, administrator, service negotiator, communication director, pulmonary fellows educator and creative problem solver. She has been instrumental in the success of an innovative pulmonary diagnostic program and has set a very high bar for clinical coordination, showing the entire Department of Medicine how one can solve seemingly insurmountable problems to bring high-quality care to patients.

S. Andrew (Andy) Josephson, MD

Andy, professor and senior executive vice chair of the Department of Neurology, is an omnipresent leader dedicated to helping others and taking on greater responsibilities with cheer. Andy exemplifies an outstanding physician and is a true role model in his devotion to patients as well as an honored educator. His high ethical standards have led to his appointment as chair of the Medical Ethics Committee, as he consistently does what is best for his patients, the community and UCSF. Within his department, he has been a major force in creating an atmosphere of inclusion and trust for residents, fellows and faculty. Andy combines the highest standard of professionalism with a joyful and easygoing manner that inspires all who know him.

Wylie Liu, MPA, MPH

Wylie, director of the Center for Community Engagement, has brought UCSF to a transformative era of collaboration between the school and campus and the local community. As a consummate collaborator, Wylie has interpersonal savvy, scholarly excellence and collegiality. She spends a tremendous amount of time meeting with community members and is masterful in her ability to listen and tune in to their concerns and needs. At the heart of her work is her abiding belief that respectful, constructive and dynamic partnerships are the best way to ensure that UCSF remains relevant and important to communities who are struggling to be healthy in the face of social and economic hardship. The lasting impact of Wylie’s work is that UCSF is “advancing health neighborhood-wide.”

Joseph (Mike) McCune, MD, PhD

Mike, professor of medicine and chief of the Division of Experimental Medicine, is a visionary thinker who has been pivotal in advancing clinical and translational research at UCSF and nationally. In 2006, he orchestrated and competed for one of the NIH’s first Clinical and Translational Science Awards, which established the Clinical and Translational Science Institute at UCSF along with its strong foundation for enduring, incredible success. His longtime championing of collaborative research has forever changed how UCSF sees research and he has set the tone with his own group of interactive, collegial and diverse investigators. His skilled leadership and open-minded, out-of-the-box thinking in addition to his inclusivity and concern for “the greater good,” have made him a beloved mentor and advisor to many trainees and colleagues over the past 20 years.

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