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Awarding Great People

The March 2016 Great People Award will focus on employee engagement.

The School of Medicine depends on the engagement of our dedicated, skilled and hardworking staff to support our status as world class institution.  For the last four years we’ve been surveyed about our engagement in the workplace and tremendous improvement efforts have been made.  The School of Medicine has many remarkable and hardworking staff who have made tremendous strides in improving engagement, and we are very excited to be temporarily changing up the focus of our Great People awards to highlight the impact of individuals and/or teams on Employee Engagement.

Take the time to nominate a co-worker or work group whose commitment to employee engagement can be characterized by one or more of the following attributes:

  • Removes obstacles to increase effectiveness and impact.
  • Strengthens teamwork and collaboration.
  • Increases our connection to organizational goals and institutional missions.
  • Inspires others to excel.
  • Makes the School or Department a better place to work.

Quarterly Great People awards are designed to acknowledge excellence by recognizing the dedication and commitment of both SOM staff and non-faculty academic staff.  Nominations received by March 18, 2016 will be reviewed and four Great People work groups or individuals will be selected for recognition. 

Recipients of the Great People Award receive special recognition from Dean Talmadge King and are rewarded with a choice of bear hugs award cards for individuals and modest recognition events for team awards.

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