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The Annual Holly Smith Awards for Exceptional Service to the School of Medicine

The recipients of the 2014 Holly Smith Award are:

Nancy Adler, PhD

Nancy Adler, PhD, professor in the Department of Psychiatry and the director of the Center for Health and Community, has been an exceptional leader in research and education on our campus and nationally. Her tremendous service to our campus is exemplified by the many leading roles she has played in a wide variety of committees, many of which have led to substantial and dramatic changes to our campus’ climate. One of her most important contributions has been her efforts to raise consciousness of the value and contributions of social and behavioral sciences to clinical studies and services, as well as community and population health efforts. Nancy’s leadership style is collegial and gentle, yet coupled with a remarkable mind, tenacious work ethic and steely discipline.

Cliff Skinner

Since his arrival at UCSF in 1999, Cliff Skinner has served as the Executive Director of MGBS Billing Operations. Cliff’s transformation of MGBS over the first 10 years of his career at UCSF generated, and continues to generate, a steady, increasing, critical source of funds for our academic missions of research and education. He works in a matrix with nearly 20 clinical chairs and managers and constantly seeks to understand the nature of each individual business unit. When it comes to projects, Cliff is a “big thinker” who comes with facts in hand, is careful to clarify issues, and gives others credit for great work. Cliff is funny, warm, easy to work with, and a strong leader in an “unsung hero” kind of way.

About the Award

The Lloyd Holly Smith Award for Exceptional Service to the School of Medicine was established in 2000 to recognize exceptional career service that has resulted in broad and long-lasting benefit to the School of Medicine. The award is named for Lloyd H. (Holly) Smith, Jr., whose 35-year career as chair of medicine and associate dean exemplified such an outstanding career effort.

Nominations are sought for three categories -- faculty member, exempt staff and non-exempt staff. The winners are deemed to exhibit those qualities best exemplified by Holly Smith: dedication to the School of Medicine, diversity in roles played, commitment to sustaining UCSF's position as a world-class institution, and accomplishing all of the above with humor and grace.

For more detailed information about the awards, see the Policy and Procedure and the online Nomination Application. The deadline for nominations is November 26, 2013.

Awards will be presented at the annual Salute to Excellence reception in May 2014.  Recipients of the awards will receive a prize of $5,000, and their names will be added to the Holly Smith Award plaque outside the Dean's Office.

Please contact Stephanie Belger at (415) 476-1279 with any questions.

Previous Winners



Neal Cohen (2000) Jaclyn Boyden (2003)
Keith Yamamoto (2001) Chuck Smuckler (2004)
Ira Herskowitz (2002) Georgina Lopez (2005)
Diane Colby (2003) Vickie Lewis (2006)
Kanu Chatterjee (2004) Cathy Garzio (2007)
Lawrence Tierney (2005) Kathy Healy (2008)
Dan Lowenstein (2006) Marge O’Halloran (2009)
Helen Loeser (2007) Isaac Sato (2010)
Robert Wachter (2008) Cathryn Thurow (2011)
George Rutherford (2009) Vivian Robinson (2011)
Donna Ferriero (2010) Laurae Pearson (2012)
Diana Farmer (2011) Alicia Velasquez (2012)
Molly Cooke (2012) Sally Mead (2013)
Samuel Barondes (2013)  

About Holly Smith

Lloyd “Holly” Smith Jr., MD, professor and chairman emeritus of the UCSF Department of Medicine, serves on the Chancellor’s Advisory Board, a group of visionary advisers, from academic and corporate backgrounds and across many industries, to provide guidance and intellectual resources to the UCSF leadership team and Chancellor. Holly joined UCSF as chairman of the Department of Medicine in 1964 and led the department through a period of exceptional growth, including many faculty who went on to be leaders in their fields. He was chairman of the department when he decided to admit then-Susan Desmond into the medical residency program from the University of Nevada, Reno.